Light-Up Badminton Shuttlecocks

Our brand’s 2nd ever product, the RiteTrak Sports Light-Up Badminton Shuttlecocks – RTS3405

Nite-Flight1NiteFlite Light-Up Badminton Birdies by RiteTrak Sports, 5-pack Feather Shuttlecocks for Day or Night Use, for Backyard, Park, Beach or Camping

  • KEEP THE FUN. OF BADMINTON GOING. LONG AFTER DARK. With these light-up badminton birdies, you can keep your game of backyard or beach badminton going even though the sun has set or the lights have gone out. Actually, with these NiteFlite shuttlecocks, the fun is just beginning when the sun goes down! You’ll be amazed at how easy and fun it is to play at night, because it’s so easy to track and see these birdies as they light up the night sky.
  • YOU CONTROL. WHEN THEY’RE ON. AND WHEN THEY’RE OFF. Some styles of these light-up birdies 5pyramidsold by other sellers work on vibration and only turn on when they are hit and automatically turn off when you don’t want them to. But with THESE shuttlecocks from RiteTrak Sports, you have an easy-on easy-off simple pushbutton that turns the light on and stays on until you turn them off.
  • A SAFE PLACE FOR YOUR BIRDIES. WHEN THEY’RE NOT FLYING. Each tube includes 5 light-up birdies in a sturdy and colorful tube with end caps for storage. Many sellers ship their LED light-up birdies in a flimsy box that is easily crushed, but not with our product. You will appreciate the difference.
  • NO MESSING WITH BATTERIES. Small button batteries are embedded in each birdie to power the LED lights – approximate life span of 20 hours each to keep the fun going for a good long time.
  • REDISCOVER THE FUN. OF BADMINTON. Has it been a while since you’ve played the great family game of badminton? It is a competitive sport in parts of the world – it’s even an Olympic event, but in the USA it is more popular as a backyard and family fun game. Everything about badminton is lightweight, so nothing heavy to lug around and anyone can play – kids and adults can join together for memorable fun! In the backyard, at the beach or the park, or even while camping in the outdoors!




Rediscover the fun of badminton and keep playing, even after the sun goes down with these light-up birdies!

Each 5-pack includes one each of red, white, blue & green steady-burning LED lights. The 5th birdie flashes with a multi-color display!

Simple push-button mechanism next to the LED light so you control when they’re on and when they’re off.

These birdies come in a convenient and sturdy storage tube with end caps for protection when they’re not being used.

Everyone will love these great shuttlecocks made out of real goose feathers!

100% Satisfaction is Guaranteed! The manufacturer of these badminton birdies, RiteTrak Sports, offers a full no-questions money-back guarantee on all products they sell. Add to Cart now while in stock!

  • Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches – outer tube
  • Shipping Weight: 3.5 ounces