September Contest Winners Announced!

img_8499-tap1000-lesstextOur very first winners of our two RiteTrak Sports contests have been announced for the quarter and month ending September 30, 2016!  We are giving away an Amazon Tap and carrying sling (a $150 value!) to one lucky entrant from all entries received to our Amazon Tap contest and also a $50 Amazon Gift Card to a randomly selected entry from our photo contest!

Visit the Past Contest Winners page to see if you’ve won!  All contests reset as of October 1st, so if you didn’t win, you can enter again!

Our RiteTrak Sports Sling Backpack has a special clip and design feature for carrying the Amazon Tap portable music system.

Don’t pass on your chance to win yours!  Enter today

NOTE: one entry per person, per contest — any additional entries for the same person will be deleted before determining the random winner.  

Need Your Garage Cleaned Out? Play Badminton!

One of our favorite customers pointed us to this great video clip from the 2004 Olympics where the announcer starts talking about shuttlecocks (ours DO have 16 goose feathers!) and at the 1:10 mark she shifts to a hilarious rant about backyard badminton at her house — maybe it’s like at your place?  Enjoy…

So if you need your garage cleaned out…or just want to have some fun playing an Olympic sport in your backyard or on the beach or at the park….try our new NiteFlite Light-Up Badminton Shuttlecocks.

This new product is available NOW, exclusively on!


New Product Released Today…

Today, we are proud to unveil a new product for RiteTrak Sports that we’ve been working on for a while.  It relates to an Olympic sport as we were talking about in the previous post….and that sport is…BADMINTON!

RTS3405-Tube-v2-forlistingOur new product, now available on Amazon, is a 5-pack of badminton birdies (also known as shuttlecocks).

But not just regular badminton birdies.  We call these birdies NiteFlite because they light-up for night-time play!  Each one has a different color LED light inside that you turn on while you play the game…making it really easy to track these and play badminton after dark!

This new product is available NOW, exclusively on!


Olympics on Approach!

2016_Summer_Olympics_logoHere at RiteTrak Sports, we’re pretty excited about the upcoming Summer Olympics which will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil starting on August 5th. Why so excited?…well, it’s the Olympics!

But, we’re doubly excited because we have a new product about to be released and we expect to have it available for sale on Amazon by the time the Olympic Opening Ceremonies take place!

We’re not revealing what the product is just yet, but it relates to an Olympic sport.  This Olympiad in Rio will be the 7th time this sport has been featured in the Olympics as a medaled event, having debuted as a competitive event in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

That’s all we’ll share right now….check back here for more news of the product announcement as the Olympics approach.

Prime Day – A Great Success!

RTS1501 Pin 2016-600w-v3-PrimeAmazon’s 2nd annual Prime Day occurred on Tuesday, July 12th and was a strong day for RiteTrak Sports as many people took advantage of promotions and specials to discover our flagship product, the RiteTrak Sports Sling Backpack!  Check out our bag’s newest features and its integration with the Amazon Tap portable music system.

In case you missed it, we’ve decided to extend our 30% OFF offer for just a few more days.  To try our backpack for 30% OFF our normal selling price on Amazon, use code ZCST4B88 at checkout to save $8.00 off your purchase!  We’re open for business 24/7, so place your order now!

This offer expires after July 19, 2016.

And we’re back!

TapClip2016Our new version of the RTS 1501 Sling Multi Pack is NOW back in stock on  Take advantage of a special reduced promotional price of just $25.99 available for a limited time.

Look for new features in our NEW STOCK of inventory, including:

  • STRONGER/STURDIER ZIPPERS – We’re learning that our customers are really putting this pack through the paces and we experienced an unacceptable incidence of zipper failure in the first factory run.  This time around we’re improving our zippers throughout to enhance the sturdiness and reliability of the bag.
  • A NEW BUCKLE on the main web strap to help in locking the strap into position and prevent slipping.
  • TapBlueSling 800
    The new Amazon Tap – about the size of a tall soda can

    A NEW CLIP on the outside of the bag above the mesh pocket.  Because the sling pack design is such that it can be worn and carried in a variety of ways, the pack isn’t always riding in a vertical orientation.  The idea of the clip is to have a way to clip in a water bottle or other items that might ride in the outer mesh pocket – so they don’t fall out when the bag is turned.

    We’re especially excited that the design and the position of the new clip is made with the new Amazon Tap in mind.  The Tap is a portable music system that goes where you go.  Our new clip gives the Tap a safe place to ride when used with the optional Tap Sling.

So check it out now, and order yours today!

Remember, we proudly stand behind our 100% satisfaction guarantee for all products purchase from RiteTrak Sports.